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Leupold Rangefinders

Leupold Rangefinders Reviewed 2020

Leupold is one of the premier huntings optics companies around, producing rangefinders, scopes, spotting scopes, trail cams and more. The company has been in business for over 100 years, and is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. Their scopes are used by many of the branches of the United States Military, proving their quality. Rumor has it that Leupold started making scopes after the founder went deer hunting and had his scope fog up while in the field. As the deer trotted away unharmed, he angrily exclaimed that he could build a better scope than the one he was using, and Leupold started to get into the hunting optics business. They have great rangefinders and since that is what we are all about, we will talk about them here. Top 3 Leupold Rangefinders Leupold makes 2 specific types of rangefinder, the vendetta rangefinder that you can mount on your bow and the RX series, which are hand held rangefinders. If you do more bow hunting, then the vendetta rangefinder may be for you, but if not the RX series is a very capable line and comes in at a variety of price points. Listed below are all the Leupold rangefinders, and our thoughts on each unit. We have short reviews here, with more in depth reviews on the blog. Leupold RX 1000i TBR with DNA This is a great choice for a rangefinder, with up to 800 yard distance and 6 times magnification. The unit is small and easy to carry and operate – meaning there will be no fuss when a trophy bull elk walks in front of your hiding spot. With this rangefinder, You’ll be able to easily range in and target the animal. The rest will be up to you. Here are some of the highlights: Adjusts light in the viewing window to outdoor lighting conditions Clearly marked and bright optics – makes buttons very easy to find in no or low light situations Water resistant (though not totally water proof) Has 3 recticles to select while viewing the target All in all, this is one of the best rangefinders we have seen in terms of ease-of-use, field adaptability and display. The unit also has a great LED quality and exceptional image quality. There are a lot of rangefinders that look good on paper and test out well, but dont seem to perform well in the field. This is not one of them. This performs in the field as well as in the testing area (my backyard). This also has great battery life and what leupold calls LOS (line of sight), TBR (true ballistic range), both features help you estimate how far you should shoot based on where you are in relation to your target and taking into account things around you (such as slopes and hills). It pairs all this with ballistic data from your rifle that you can enter before you head afield and tell you exactly what the best shot for you to take is. Unfortunately, this method isnt easy to nail down for every hunter, though leupold tries very, very hard (and does a great job). They dont have inputs for scope height, the weather and temp outside while you’re shooting and (most importantly) wind speed and direction, and how that will affect your shot.  This rangefinder really has no match at this price range, and is one of the absolute best units out there. You cant go wrong with this one and wont be disappointed in its features or performance in the field.  Leupold Range Finder RX-800i TBR with DNA Engine This is our third pick for our top 3 leupold rangefinders, and it’s priced a bit lower than the other two but does not sacrifice much to get that lower price point. The unit has impeccable optics like all leupod products, with a clear view screen in all light, so it will be easy to read no matter when you finally get eyes on your target. Like the others, there are 3 different recticles for you to choose from and they make it easy to switch from one to the other while out in the field. Here are a few specs for this unit: Accurate to 1/10th of a yard with a max range of 1,000 yards Quick Set Menu – Allowing you to store your settings for easy use next time Easy 1 handed operation 6x Magnification Once again, this is a powerful unit and comes with something called trophy scale, which will give you an estimate on how big the target is while you’re ranging it in and before you shoot. This could save you from a wasted tag and allow you to save it for that big white tale buck that you’ve been after for a few seasons now. Knowing when to hold your shot and when the target is big enough for you to mount on the wall is a great feature on this unit. I have a few friends that own this and have never heard any complaints about this rangefinder. The few times that I’ve looked through their units have been nothing but clear visions and great shots (right before a long pull back to the truck). It fits perfectly in your hand and works great in low light as well. Like the others on the list, it includes the MOA feature for angle adjustment, and this one even includes and early version of the ballistics feature. A great product from leupold (along with the other two). Leupold RX 1000 with DNA This is a unit that we highlighted on our top ten list on the front page because we were (and still are) very pleased with this rangefinder and the price point that it comes in at. It’s $50 cheaper than the RX 1000 with TBR & DNA, but the TBR feature probably is not necessary for every hunter – you need to figure out if it’s right for you. This unit has a great and bright LEDContinue readingLeupold Rangefinders Reviewed 2020

HotShot 7 Sport Model Cameras

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